About Jide Lawore

Jide Lawore is the lead pastor of the Agape House of Worship in Roselle, New Jersey, a diversely-growing, innovative, and community-focused church in Roselle, New Jersey.

He is a gifted and anointed speaker with a genuine love for people, which is evident in how he communicates the word of God in a simple, practical, but insightful manner. He believes God has called him to enlighten, encourage and empower people through the inspired word of God. He is also a strong advocate of fulfilling the church ministry with a touch of excellence. He believes excellence glorifies God and inspires people.

He is the author of GPS-God’s Positioning System: Locating God’s Plan for Your Life and Extreme Makeover: The Secret of Genuine Transformation. He has a master’s degree in engineering management and has worked as a project management professional in the engineering and construction industry.

Pastor Jide is passionate about quality and godly leadership in the body of Christ. This has led him to develop a leadership course titled: Leadership, Servanthood & Discipleship, which was adopted by the Redeemers Leadership Institute (RLI). He is also the publisher of the Agape Lantern, a biannual free magazine that reaches up to 3,000 people.

He is happily married to his lovely wife, Abimbola Lawore who is also a co-laborer in the ministry, and they are blessed with three lovely children, Joel, Ebunoluwa and Ifeoluwa.

"Pastor Jide is passionate about quality and godly leadership in the body of Christ."

GPS-God’s Positioning System: Locating God’s Plan for Your Life

Global Positioning System (GPS) devices have revolutionized the way we travel, especially in the United States and the rest of the developed world. They are a big improvement from the days of using a paper map or MapQuest printout to find directions. This book, however, talks about a different and higher kind of GPS. It is called God’s Positioning System. Just like your GPS device guides you and gives you directions when you drive or hike, God wants to guide you through your journey of life.

It is not God’s will for you to go through life mumbling and fumbling around. He has a great plan and purpose for you, and more importantly, he has provided a way for you to know and understand that plan and purpose. In this book you will learn how to locate and enter into God’s plan for your life, how to appropriate his promises of guidance for your life, and how to remove every hindrance to your walking in his plan for you.

Extreme Makeover: The Secret of Genuine Transformation

God wants to transform you and move you closer to what he created you to be. In Extreme Makeover Jide Lawore helps you to understand how God performs his own “extreme makeover” in our lives. It also helps you to chart a course towards becoming the person you were meant to be – a Christlike man or woman. You will discover:

  • how God begins his transforming work from inside of us to be reflected outside of us

  • your responsibilities towards becoming what God wants you to be

  • the heavenly resources God has provided for us to experience genuine transformation

God’s ultimate goal for every believer is Christlikeness and transformation is the process that brings us to that goal. God starts the work from our inside by transforming our will and consequently our lifestyle. If you are a person who truly desires a life filled with all the fullness of God and that reflects his glory here on earth, this book is for you.


The Agape Difference

If you are looking for a church environment where you can come as you are, find authentic relationships, enjoy quality contemporary worship, practical and down-to-earth messages, and a friendly environment, Agape House is for you.


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